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SEC Discourages Investing in Bitcoin Futures

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has called on American investors not to invest in bitcoin futures.

The corresponding notification was published last Thursday. This document states that even if investors decide to channel their capital into BTC-oriented products, then they must analyze all possible risks.

The SEC notes:

Traders should understand that bitcoin, including gaining access to it through the bitcoin futures market, is a highly speculative investment.

The regulator published similar statements earlier. Most likely, this is why the commission has stubbornly refused to approve the launch of bitcoin-ETF exchange-traded crypto funds over the past several years.

Opponents of the cryptosphere are still strong in the SEC leadership.

According to the regulator, the funds do not directly affect the value of the underlying asset. The prices of futures contracts depend on the month of their execution. They can be very different from the spot price of a particular item.

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