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Snowden has put up an NFT token for sale

MOSCOW, April 16 – PRIME. Edward Snowden has put up a non-fungible token (NFT) for sale in the form of his own digitized portrait, compiled from the text of the court decision that the surveillance of the US National Security Agency was illegal, now the lot is estimated at almost five million dollars. The financier named three reasons for the decline in the price of bitcoin. NFT (non-fungible tokens) – non-fungible tokens (virtual digital unit) in the blockchain network that cannot be exchanged for each other. They are used to acquire digital objects. This is a unique digital certificate that is stored on the blockchain and gives exclusive rights to photos, videos, audio, tweets and any other digital goods. The “Stay Free” token lot was put up for sale on the evening of April 15th on the Foundation platform. As of 23.10 Friday Moscow time, the lot was estimated at 4.9 million dollars. Snowden himself said that the proceeds would go to the NGO Freedom of the Press Foundation “to support journalists and informants.” Last September, a US court of appeals said that Edward Snowden’s massive phone call metadata program was illegal. The court said that the massive collection of data on calls under the pretext of fighting foreign terrorism “could violate the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution.” The amendment prohibits unwarranted searches and seizures and requires that search warrants be issued by the court when there is good reason. Snowden sparked a major international scandal in June 2013, passing on a number of classified materials to the Washington Post and Guardian newspapers about the surveillance programs of the US and UK intelligence services on the Internet. After that, he flew to Hong Kong, and from there to Moscow, where for some time he was in the transit zone of Sheremetyevo airport. After refusals from a number of other countries, Russia granted Snowden a temporary asylum for a period of a year on the condition that he cease his activities against the United States. In August 2014, Snowden received a three-year residence permit, which allows him to travel not only in Russia, but also abroad. Subsequently, Snowden was issued an indefinite residence permit in Russia. In November 2020, Anatoly Kucherena, a lawyer representing Snowden’s interests in the Russian Federation, announced Snowden’s intention to obtain Russian citizenship.

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