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Solana linked hack to wallet provider Slope

The Solana team’s investigation into the breach of thousands of cryptocurrency wallets found that the affected addresses were “at some point created, imported, or used in Slope’s mobile apps.”

Prior to this, Solana developers reportedthat the hack is not caused by a bug in the underlying code of the blockchain, but is related to the software used by “several popular wallets”.

Solana Labs co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko wrote that anyone who has ever imported a seed phrase into Slope can consider it compromised.

Slope said in a statement that a number of project wallets have been compromised and the team is actively investigating the incident. The developers “have several hypotheses”, but they did not name the specific reason for the hack.

Slope encouraged all users to create new wallets with other seed phrases and transfer their assets to them.

Representatives of the Phantom project, whose clients were also affected by the hack, said that they “have reason to believe” that the discovered exploit is related to Slope. They advised users to transfer assets to new wallets of other providers.

Some experts note that Slope could store user seed phrases on its centralized servers, which were subsequently compromised by attackers.

A spokesperson for Slope told CoinDesk that the team does not store β€œany personal data on a centralized server.” However, he later said that this statement was incorrect.

The investigation is ongoing, Solana stressed.

Recall that in early August, unknown persons gained access to the funds of the owners of about 8,000 Solana-based wallets and withdrew millions of dollars.

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