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Stock markets have stabilized, oil is near $ 56

On Wednesday, January 13, financial markets stabilized and showed weak multidirectional dynamics. Brent crude oil declined slightly, but remained above the level of $ 56 per barrel, which maintains a positive outlook for this asset. Gold quotes after several days in the red zone showed weak upward dynamics, consolidating at $ 1,858 per troy ounce. Markets await Biden’s inauguration and his next steps to restore the US economy. In the foreign exchange market, the US dollar rose against major assets, the USD index added 0.17% to the opening price of the day, consolidating at 90.22. The Russian ruble weakened by 14 kopecks and by the end of the trading day it was holding at 73.68 per US dollar. At the same time, the dynamics of the ruble against the euro was positive, the Russian currency strengthened against the euro by 0.11% and held at 89.61. As long as the ruble shows strength below the resistance level of 75 per US dollar, its outlook remains positive. Asset stabilization was also observed on cryptocurrency exchanges. The bitcoin rate slightly decreased and consolidated at $ 34,890, while Ethereum lost about 2% during trading, but managed to stay above $ 1,000. We maintain a positive outlook for digital assets. It is important that the bitcoin rate does not fix below the $ 30,000 mark, since in this case there is a high probability of BTC / USD returning to the $ 25,000 level, which in turn will provoke the return of the quotes of most altcoins to the values ​​of December last year .______________ Yuri Mazur, Head of Data Analysis Department , CEX.IO Broker

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