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Swing Scalper Reversal

The Expert Advisor expects a correction after a strong market movement. As soon as a bar of a different color (opposite trend) appears, after several bars of the same color, the EA opens a trade. The number of bars at which to open a trade is configurable. You can also configure many other parameters. Usually, the more bars passed, the stronger the correction will be. But this is not always the case, so in the Expert Advisor, in addition to the usual stop loss, there are many parameters that limit losses. This Expert Advisor is recommended for use on timeframes from M15 to H1, it is better to choose currency pairs with a small spread.

  • Lots – lot size (if 0, the lot will be calculated from the percentage of free funds on the account);
  • Percentage of free money – the percentage of free funds to open each new trade (works when Lots=0);
  • MaxSpread – the maximum spread for opening a trade (for accounts with a floating spread, so that the trade is opened when the spread is not too large);
  • Magic-a unique identifier (you need to make it different if several Expert Advisors are running in the same terminal);
  • StopLoss – the closing price of the order when the loss level is reached;
  • TakeProfit – order closing price when the profitability level is reached;
  • Stop to breakeven after-set the stop loss to breakeven after passing the specified number of points;
  • StopToBreakevenBars – the number of bars after which you can set the stop to breakeven;
  • CloseAfterXBars-close the trade after passing the X-number of bars (where X is the value of this parameter);
  • CloseAfterXOppositeBars-close a trade after the X-number of bars of the opposite trend appears;
  • CandlesForTradeTrigger – the required number of bars of the same color (the same trend) for the EA to open a trade;
  • MinimumPipDistance – the minimum distance that the price must travel in one direction to open a trade;
  • MaximumPipDistance – the maximum distance that the price can travel in one direction to open a trade;
  • mindistanceachbar – the minimum distance of each bar during a strong one-way movement;
  • IndentationBars-indent in bars after a strong movement in one direction (it is better to make this parameter small, about 2);
  • AdxPeriod – period of the ADX indicator;
  • MinAdxLevel – the minimum level of the ADX indicator;
  • MaxAdxLevel – the maximum level of the ADX indicator;
  • Trading start hour – trading start hour;
  • Trading end hour – the trading end hour.

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