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TBL for mt5

      The Trade by levels for mt5 indicator is designed for automatic detection
forming a model for entering the market on the chart of the selected instrument.


        Б BSU-the bar that formed the level. 

        ⦁ BPU 1 and BPU 2-bars confirming the level. 

Description of the graphic model:
        хай the high-low levels of the BSU and BPU 1 bars must match with
accurate to the point

        ⦁ there can be any number of bars between BSU and BPU 1.
    ⦁ there should be no intermediate bars between BPU 1 and BPU 2.

        ⦁ the value of the high-level bar BPU 2 may differ from the value of the level (BSU and BPU 1) by the amount of backlash. 
        ⦁ in general, the model is formed by 3 bars: 1 bar-forms the level. 2 bar-confirms the level. 3 bar
you must also confirm the level at which the entry is made at the 4th bar.

Trading rules for the model:

  • Trading is conducted according to the trend with limit orders. Only rebounds from the levels are traded.
  • You can trade against the trend in the following cases:
           ⦁ if the current price of the instrument is near the level.
           ⦁ if the issuer has passed at least 75% of its ATR.
  • 30 seconds before the closing of BSU2, a limit order is placed with an offset above/below the level by the amount of backlash.
  • The stop is calculated as a % of the current price, 0.2 – 0.5 is recommended%
  • If the order is not opened, and the price has passed 2 actual stops from the price of the pending order – the order is canceled.
  • Tool: any.
  • Timeframes:
    D1 – to determine the trend, the ATR value for the last 5 days.
    H1 – to enter a trade on the signal of the model.

Indicator Parameters:

  • Period ATR (day) – the number of days to calculate the ATR
  • ATR in pips/punkt-displays the ATR value in pips.points of sale
  • Ratio for TP/SL – ratio of Take Profit to Stop Loss
  • Risk for calculate Lot, (%of Margin) – The percentage of risk from the free margin for calculating the lot
  • StopLoss in % from Bid – the size of the StopLoss in % of the current price
  • Decrease SL 10 times if TF 30 min – If the period of the chart
  • Gap for level on BCL2, (%of StopLoss) – the size of the “backlash” for the BCL2 bar, in % of the StopLoss
  • Number of bars for calculate trend – the number of bars to calculate the trend
  • Text color1 – the color of the data label
  • Text color2 – the color of the data label
  • Text color3 – the color of the data label
  • Stop

Free Download and Review TBL for mt5 from

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