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TCS and Gazprom dragged the market down


Sellers came to the Russian stock market. Not that the external substitution background has worsened, but the domestic capital markets continue to experience a period of dividend cut-offs. These papers pull the benchmarks down. The Moscow Exchange index fell to 3832 points and is ready to move in the range of 3800-3850 points. In order to be able to talk about a noticeable sale, the ruble indicator should move to 3775 points. The RTS index retreated to 1627 points and may fluctuate in the corridor of 1620-1650 points. The list of today’s outsiders is remarkable. The first issue is TCS, the usual market darling, which is being sold for the second day in a row, and as vigorously as it was bought before. Yes, the receipts, which previously aimed at 7,000 rubles, looked rather overbought without a correctional pullback and clearly needed cooling. The paper very easily broke through 6,400 rubles, the support level, and now goes to 6,250 rubles. The next significant support is at the level of RUB 5,700, but high-volatility securities are unlikely to go there. Gazprom and VTB have dividend cutoffs, so the shares of these companies are also among the leaders in sales on Wednesday. Shares of “Gazprom” stretch to 280 rubles., Securities “VTB” – to 0.0463 rubles. Stocks of companies in the metallurgical sector are in positive territory today – among the market favorites are Mechel, Raspadskaya and Polymetal. The US dollar is slightly declining, which looks unusual against the background of a correctional decline in oil and strong positions of the dollar in the global foreign exchange market. Some support for the ruble today was provided by the Ministry of Finance’s auctions for the placement of OFZs, which, apparently, made it possible to neutralize the influence of the external background. The dollar is trading at 74.18 rubles by the evening. and can move in the range of 74-75 rubles. The euro costs 87.70 rubles. and is able to bargain in the corridor 87.50-88 rubles .____________ Anna Bodrova, Senior Analyst, IAC Alpari


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