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The Bank of Russia told how the wallet with digital rubles will work

MOSCOW, 8 Apr – PRIME. The Bank of Russia told how the wallet with digital rubles will work: one wallet will be opened for all banks where the client is served, as well as a second wallet on a mobile device for offline use. “The client will open one wallet on the digital ruble platform, while we do not assume that we will charge interest on the digital ruble wallet. For us, the use of digital ruble wallets is primarily a new mechanism, a new seamless mechanism for making quick cheap payments for citizens and for business, “- said Olga Skorobogatova, First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia, at a press conference on Thursday. Experiments with the national currency. How will the digital ruble change our life? According to the regulator, one of the most striking advantages of the digital ruble is access to a digital wallet through any financial institution where the client is served. “If you have, for example, three banks, you have an account in each of the banks, you use the mobile application of each of the banks, you can replenish a digital wallet on the digital ruble platform through bank A, make a transfer using the same wallet. For example, through bank B and make a payment on the same wallet through bank C “, – Skorobogatova explained. To make payments in places where there is no Internet connection, a separate wallet will be created on the mobile device. Also, now a technology is being developed that will help save the client’s funds if he suddenly loses a mobile device with a wallet. “It is important for us that we minimize the risks of such payments offline, and it is important for us that a person has an understanding of what funds he can store online and what funds he suddenly needed to pay in an area where the Internet does not work,” – she added. “There will be no foreign exchange market.” What awaits the ruble by the end of spring In addition to everything else, it is noted that the operator of the digital ruble will be the Bank of Russia, but the Federal Treasury will also be a special participant in the digital ruble platform, which will ensure “seamless interaction with the digital ruble platform for those transactions where it is necessary to track all social payments , budgetary payments and guarantee the rate to the person or to the organization within the framework of programs that the state, the Ministry of Finance or the Federal Treasury is already implementing or will implement, “the Central Bank said. The Bank of Russia noted that the final decision on the introduction of the digital ruble has not yet been made. “It is the possibility of implementing digital wallets on the digital ruble platform, on a single platform, that gives new advantages for customers to see their payments online, make them and at the same time carry them out with minimal costs,” Skorobogatova concluded.

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