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The court overturns the decision to block the site of the crypto exchange Binance in Russia

MOSCOW, 21 Jan – PRIME. The site of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, Binance, will be removed from the register of prohibited Internet resources on the territory of the Russian Federation and will be able to continue its work in the country, the exchange reports. The cryptocurrency exchange’s Internet resource may continue to operate in Russia after the banned Internet resources are removed from the Unified Register, “the message says. In September, a notice from Roskomnadzor was sent to the site about the inclusion of the exchange website in the register of domain names containing information prohibited for distribution in Russia, and it was necessary to remove information about bitcoin, which was declared illegal by the court, from the site. “The decision was canceled due to the refusal of the prosecutor’s claims. “, – also explained to RIA Novosti in the Arkhangelsk regional court today. “The initial decision to block the site was made by the Mirny court of the Arkhangelsk region at the request of the local prosecutor, who considered that information about cryptocurrency in Russia could not be disseminated. The site owners did not have the opportunity to defend their rights in the court of first instance, since they were not notified of the start of the trial about blocking the site, “the company added. The expert explained why bitcoin is getting cheaper” Since January 1 of this year, the law “On digital financial assets” came into force, which legalizes the circulation of cryptocurrencies, so blocking the site on the basis that publish such information As a result, the prosecutor’s office was forced to abandon its claims against the site owner in an appeal, “explained Mikhail Bautin, partner of the Digital Rights Center law firm that represented the exchange’s interests in court. “We … will continue to fight for the right of resources to disseminate information about cryptocurrencies and the right of citizens to access information, the dissemination of which is not prohibited by law,” concluded Bautin.

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