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The expert named the optimal size of the mortgage payment


MOSCOW, 11 Jul – PRIME. The optimal size of the monthly mortgage payment is 45-50% of the borrower’s income – this will preserve the quality of life and postpone the required amount for a rainy day, Dmitry Pitetsky, product director of the online-Ipoteka mortgage lending platform, told RIA Novosti. “The optimal payment / income ratio is considered to be within 45-50%. If the borrower spends no more than half of the monthly income on loan payments, he will be able to preserve the quality of life and set aside the required amount as a safety cushion,” he said. If you have to pay 70-80% of your income or more on a loan every month, you should think about additional sources of income or debt refinancing. For example, at the stage of registration with a high rate of “payment / income”, it makes sense to increase the loan term to reduce the monthly debt burden, added Pitetsky. The lawyer told who could be denied maternity capital Earlier on Saturday, the expert said that Russians need to form savings when applying for a mortgage At least one or two monthly loan payments, the ideal size of such a “pillow” will be the amount of 6-12 payments. According to the Central Bank, the total volume of mortgage debt of Russians in May continued to increase – by 2.1%, to a record 10.27 trillion rubles. The average loan term exceeded 20 years for the first time, and the average mortgage rate for the second month in a row stood at 7.3% per annum.


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