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The expert told how not to lose the 13th salary

MOSCOW, Dec 25 – PRIME. The thirteenth salary would be most correctly set aside partly in the “safety cushion”, and most of it should be spent on repaying loans, said experts of the RF Ministry of Finance’s project to improve financial literacy interviewed by RIA Novosti. Sberbank named popular ways of saving money among Russians. SuperJob presented a study according to which the majority of Russians plan to spend their thirteenth salary to pay off loans, as well as go on vacation and buy gifts. “To prevent the thirteenth salary” from going into the void, “you need to put aside 15-20% of it in a” safety cushion. ” you can spend on gifts, rewarding yourself for your work during the year, “said Elena Bobkova. The expert noted that if there are no debts, then most of the amount is best transformed into “deferred income”. “Put on a savings account, open a deposit or an individual investment account (IIS). The profitability of IIS will be much higher, in addition you will have the right to receive a tax deduction. But IIS is a long-term investment tool, so you will not be able to get income quickly on it.” – she added. According to expert Igor Grigoryants, life and property insurance is also a good tool for reducing personal risks, since according to statistics, many critical situations occur during the holidays. “There is no universal recipe. Everyone makes a decision guided by their current life situation. But the New Year’s prize, especially in our difficult times, is a good chance to slightly strengthen their financial security in the coming year,” he concluded.

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