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The expert told how to save money so that there is enough for everything


MOSCOW, July 15 – PRIME. To begin with, it is worth understanding whether everything is in order with the budget – whether there is enough current income, what items of expenditure can be excluded. It is quite possible that due to the lack of financial discipline, a person loses thousands, if not tens of thousands of rubles, if not monthly, then annually. Alexey Krichevsky, expert of the Academy of Finance and Investment Management, told the Prime agency about this. For example, the same coffee on the way to work can be safely replaced with home coffee – in Moscow this will save at least a couple of thousand. Theoretically, you can sometimes dine not in a cafe, but cook at home in advance – the savings with such a replacement once a week will be exactly the same. “After that, it is worth dealing with credit cards and loans – by and large, there is nothing wrong with using them, but you need to use them wisely, that is, so as not to pay interest at all and receive bonuses or cashback for use, or to overpay was as modest as possible, “the financier notes. The expert explained whether you can get rich by getting a sudden big win It should be remembered that the interest on credit cards starts at 15% per annum, which is much more than consumer loans. Moreover, it is worth abandoning impulsive purchases on credit – on them the interest can easily reach 30-35. And after these actions, a certain amount will almost certainly appear, which you can safely save or invest. According to Krichevsky, the optimal supply of funds “for a rainy day” on current accounts or in cash is from 3 months to a year of earnings or the expenditure side of the budget. And it is better to keep this financial cushion in several currencies – both for diversification and for protection against inflation and devaluation. “The deferred amount will gradually increase, and with it the desire to develop, to earn more – a lot of studies have shown that the presence of a certain airbag allows people to feel more confident,” the specialist is convinced. Accordingly, “extra” funds can be invested in low-volatility dividend securities, bonds of trusted companies with an income of 10% per annum, or real estate. Speaking of real estate, shares in closed-end real estate funds now cost from five thousand rubles, and the cheapest office with a tenant – from one and a half million, that is, the entry threshold here is much lower than it could have been a few years ago. And as a long-term investment, according to the expert, it is commercial, not residential real estate that should be considered. “As a result, in a few years, the above methods will help both form a certain safety cushion, and make a reserve for the future in the form of a small investment portfolio, and in fact will not in any way affect the current lifestyle. habit over time, “- concluded the expert.


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