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The expert told when the demand of Russians for cash stabilizes

MOSCOW, January 14 – PRIME. The demand of Russians for cash in the absence of economic shocks and a favorable situation for the coronavirus may stabilize in the first half of this year, Sergey Tishchenko, the general director of the Expert RA rating agency, said in an interview with RIA Novosti. “November became the first month of 2020 after the start of the pandemic, in which there was a decrease in the volume of cash in circulation – citizens and businesses took the second wave of the pandemic more calmly. gradual return of the dynamics of the volume of cash to standard indicators. Especially if the launch of the digital ruble is fast and efficient, “Tishchenko said. Since the beginning of 2020, the volume of cash in households and businesses has grown by 2.3 trillion rubles, or 22%, as of December 1, the total volume of cash amounted to 12.9 trillion rubles, the head of Expert RA cited data. 20 banks will leave the market in the next 2 years Tishchenko recalled that the peak values ​​of growth in cash turnover were observed in March-April 2020 – during the period of greatest uncertainty regarding the scale of the spread of coronavirus, possible restrictions and dynamics of the ruble exchange rate. Citizens, like business, actively went out into cash, including taking funds from deposits and deposits in order to secure themselves a reserve of funds in case of strict restrictive measures, he explained. “On the other hand, small businesses are actively using cash to secure their turnover, and too much activity in the fight against it can lead to job losses in those industries that are already badly affected by the pandemic. Therefore, it is very important not to overdo it.” , – emphasized at the same time Tishchenko. For banks, the threat is rather not an increase in the volume of cash in circulation, but the “migration” of funds from deposits to the stock market and to real estate, he said. Read the full text of the interview on the website of the Prime Economic Information Agency (part of the Russia Today media group) at 10.00 Moscow time.

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