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The expert told whether it is possible to return the money to victims of telephone scammers

MOSCOW, April 16 – PRIME. Russian banks will not support measures to return funds to victims of telephone scams, since this could lead to a new type of scam, and there is no way to freeze each operation until its legitimacy is clarified, Evgenia Lazareva, the head of the All-Russia People’s Front project “For the Rights of Borrowers”, told RIA Novosti. A new method of fraud has been identified. with cryptocurrency In Russia, a low level of return of funds stolen by fraudsters to bank customers is recorded. This is due to the fact that scammers use social engineering methods to convince their victims to voluntarily give them classified information. And if the client himself compromised his data, then the bank, according to the law, has the right not to return the money to him. Earlier on Friday, the director of the financial policy department of the Ministry of Finance, Ivan Chebeskov, said that the department was working on legislative measures to return money to victims of fraudsters. Objectively, money can be returned only when the attackers have not yet had time to withdraw it from the bank, says Lazareva. However, the withdrawal of funds from banks in schemes using social engineering methods occurs in a matter of minutes, when the client of the credit institution has not yet realized that he has become a victim of fraud, the expert said. “Unfortunately, we do not see a structure in which it is possible to“ freeze ”every transaction “until its legitimacy is clarified. We now have 115-FZ, which provides such an opportunity, but its extension to each operation will obviously cause social tension and discontent among the population,” Lazareva explained. At the same time, it is rather difficult to prove the fact of fraud and the method of its commission, the expert said. “It is unlikely that banks will agree to pay for the gullibility of consumers, especially without proof that it was the fraudsters who deceived the client, and not he himself decided to earn extra money on the banks’ new responsibilities,” she said. According to her, it would be more effective to complicate the scheme for fraudsters. “We believe that the consumer’s voluntary refusal of unused plastic card services, which the Popular Front has been proposing to introduce for a year and a half, as well as the voluntary restriction of access to accounts at the request of a bank client, proposed by the Bank of Russia, are the very solutions that will help prevent such fraud and solve this problem, “Lazareva said.

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