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The fall of BTC deprived the status of millionaires of 82,600 investors

Since November 2021, the number of bitcoin millionaires has decreased by 75% (82,602) as a result of the negative dynamics of the first cryptocurrency.

According to BitInfoCharts, there were 108,886 bitcoin addresses at the time BTC reached its all-time high of $69,000 with asset valuations over $1 million. Nine months later, this parameter was reduced to 26,284.

There was also a dramatic decline in the “whale population” (wallets worth over $10 million) – from 10,587 to 4,342 addresses (by 58%).

The fall in the price of the first cryptocurrency has led to an increase in the number of those who own at least 1 BTC – the number of such bidders has increased by more than 13,000, to over 860,000. Such dynamics indicates the accumulation of bitcoin by retail investors.

The data correlates with Glassnode’s calculations, according to which more than 250,000 addresses added at least 0.1 BTC each over the past 20 days.

Recall that JPMorgan allowed miners to maintain pressure on the price of bitcoin.

Earlier, analysts did not rule out a fall in the price of the first cryptocurrency to $10,350.

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