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The financier taught how to make capital for 10% of the salary

MOSCOW, May 5 – PRIME. The general standard in world and Russian practice – to save at least 10% of the salary – is due not only to financial factors, but also psychological ones. Internal resistance will be much less if you save 10% of your salary, but every month than, say, 50%, but at one time, Pavel Guzhikov, founder and CEO of the fintech company Dengi Vperyod, told the Prime agency. how to work less and earn more “As practice shows, in any budget you can find up to 20% of” flowing “money that is not spent on anything meaningful. You will not have to cut your needs much, but give up daily coffee on the way to work, spontaneous purchases at the supermarket checkout or unused subscriptions in a smartphone will be useful not only for the wallet, but also for health, “the expert believes. To finally start building savings, you need to be as clear about your goal as possible. Most often, people need to visualize the object of desire, and then the rate of accumulation will increase greatly, he notes. Sometimes 10% often seems like an insignificant amount, they say, they say, you can’t build capital on such small money. However, we must not forget that when we talk about capital, we do not mean money that simply lies in our account. We are talking about money that works and thereby increases our capital, says Guzhikov. In his opinion, compound interest can work wonders in the long run. Interest is accrued on interest, generates new money, and the initial 10% of income can turn into a solid foundation for your future life in 15-20 years. income in 20 years is hard to think. The optimal savings formula for them would be to first close all immediate needs, at the same time forming a “financial cushion” in case of a crisis, then close medium-term issues like education of children in 10 years or renovation of the interior, and then proceed to the formation of capital “in the long run.” … Guzhikov also notes that the rate of capital accumulation and, as a result, its volume depends not only on objective factors such as the amount of income, but also on how much a person is aimed at creating a foundation. “In addition to discipline, time is extremely important – it is better to start saving 10% now than 20% after 3 years,” he concluded.

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