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The first apartments were shown in the status quarter Depo in the center of Minsk

Developer “A-100 Development” showed apartments in the first built house in the Depo quarter near Pobeda Square. The apartments will be handed over in a pre-finishing finish – in the popular White box format. At this stage, the cost of apartments – from 3560 dollars per “square”.

The first house in Depo at number 6.1 according to the master plan began to be built in November 2020. The building is completely monolithic: the outer walls were not filled with bricks, but completely cast from concrete, which is rare. In the spring of 2021, the frame was ready, after which the teams worked on communications and a complex facade made of German clinker bricks. Now all work is at the final stage. The house will be put into operation this year.

In 6.1, there are 21 apartments of different sizes – from apartments with two bedrooms for 89 “squares” to 222-meter penthouses. Inside there are high ceilings from 3.05 meters, panoramic windows, a freon piping for air conditioners is connected to each apartment and channels for individual ventilation are arranged. Spacious kitchens are combined with living rooms, master bedrooms include walk-in closets and a private bath, there are also special rooms for storing and washing linen.

All apartments in the building will be handed over with White box finishing: the developer has undertaken all the rough work, wiring of utilities and pre-finishing. All surfaces have been prepared for the application of any decorative coating: residents will only have to finish their design work and fill the rooms with furniture, appliances and interior items. The cost of an apartment with a White Box finish at this stage is from $3,560 at the exchange rate per square meter.

“It is not the first time that we offer the White box principle in our projects.the golden mean between quick and individual repairs. With this approach, the interior of any complexity can be implemented in a relatively short time. The rough finishing stage is completely finished, which means that wall decoration, flooring and furniture ordering can be done in parallel. A White box apartment really does feel like a clean, white “box” and is a good option for those who want to retain the ability to customize the design without having to deal with complex and lengthy rough work. Today, only we, as a developer, offer such a finishing option. And the experience of our customers shows that the White box allows you to reduce repairs to 2-3 months,” A-100 Development notes.

The new house has only one entrance, on the floors there are 2-4 apartments. The entrance group will meet residents with a designer lobby with a lounge area. There are also rooms for wheelchairs, a lavatory and a separate “lapomoyka” for washing pets after a walk.

In total, three houses have already found a ready-made silhouette in Depo. Each will have its own finish format. The first house is rented in White box format, the second one is with White box plus finishing and an engineering package, and the third one is with a rough finish. The idea is that all residents of the same house are in the same situation and do not disturb each other with noise during repairs.

The facades of the buildings are lined with natural clinker bricks from a German manufactory. It will be possible to go down to the underground parking located under the entire territory of the block by a silent elevator from your floor. The first stage of the parking lot will be commissioned together with building 6.1 in 2022.

According to the developer’s plan, the Depo quarter will be planted by 45%, thanks to which landscaping and landscaping will become one of the main accents. Smooth natural forms will successfully contrast with the verified brick architecture. A variety of trees will be planted at Depo, including adult large trees, shrubs, flowers and climbing plants. There will be secluded spaces with gazebos and benches, paths for running and walking, and thanks to the natural elevation difference, interesting pedestrian links, bridges and an unusual landscape will appear.

Recall that the Depo quarter is being built in the historical part of the capital – near Victory Square. In the 19th century, a horse market was located on this site, in the 20th – a tram depot, which later became a trolleybus depot. The project of the quarter was developed by the famous architect Sergey Skuratov. Inside, houses are being built for 557 apartments. The entire complex will stand on a stylobate, under which there will be a single underground parking with places for charging electric vehicles, separate storage rooms are provided. Among the advantages of the complex are its own infrastructure, closed courtyards without cars, and a security system. Along with residential buildings, shops, restaurants, cafes, a fitness club, an educational center and a private kindergarten will appear in the Depo Quarter. A new pedestrian street with an artificial pond will also be built in the quarter.

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