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The insurer taught how to understand that your OSAGO policy is fake

MOSCOW, April 17 – PRIME. The first sign of a potential forgery of an OSAGO policy is its unrealistically low price. It is the opportunity to save money that scammers attract gullible citizens, Viktor Alekseev, deputy general director of Maks, tells the Prime agency. The insurer found out where the most careless drivers live. “It should be borne in mind that the answers to your questions:” Why is it so cheap? ” They are prepared in advance. This is an allegedly reduced base rate specially for them, and the use of part of their remuneration from the insurer to reduce the cost, “the expert notes. There may be other explanations as well. By the way, communication takes place exclusively remotely: almost all fakes are sold through couriers. “Therefore, do not be lazy, call any insurance company (preferably not one) or go to any website, ask to calculate the cost of the policy,” said the specialist. If the price will differ significantly from the previously offered one, at least understand why. You can also ask the “seller” to show the power of attorney from the insurance company. “Without an agency agreement and a power of attorney, no insurer will issue policy forms to its representative and will not allocate a range of electronic forms,” ​​Alekseev points out. The Central Bank spoke about the machinations of banks with insurance The easiest way to verify the authenticity of a policy is to go to the PCA website in the section on verification. Dial the policy number and see a vehicle that is listed in the AIS RSA as insured under this agreement. Or, conversely, enter the state number of your vehicle in the special field, and you will see if there is a policy in the database. “By the way, such a check can also be useful in cases where the form is genuine, and in the PCA and the insurer’s database the tractor is listed as insured instead of Mercedes,” the specialist says. This means that you have become a victim of an unscrupulous representative who took 12 thousand rubles for Mercedes insurance, gave you an original form, and entered a tractor with an insurance premium of 600 rubles into the insurer’s database, putting the difference in his pocket. Such cases are also not rare. There is also another way. Each form bears the seal of the insurance company that owns the policy with a contact phone number. According to the expert, you can call the call-center of the insurance company and find out whether this form belongs to the insurer and in what status it is. If it suddenly turns out that the form is not listed with the given insurer or “is listed in the warehouse”, then you are not a representative of the insurer, but a fraudster. “On the PCA website there is a detailed description of the security elements on the form of the CMTPL agreement. Please familiarize yourself with them and compare with the original. But it should be borne in mind that the overwhelming majority of fakes are of good quality and are made by industrial printing. In this regard, the most effective method verification is combined, “Alekseev summed up.

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