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The lawyer taught how not to remain in debt to the bank after the loan is paid

MOSCOW, January 14 – PRIME. When the loan is fully repaid, it is necessary to close the credit account. Some banks do this automatically after paying off the debt, but not all. It may happen that an account will be opened and a fee will be charged for its servicing, Vladimir Shalaev, a senior lawyer at BMS Law Firm, told the Prime agency. The expert told why it is not worth taking out a loan on New Year’s Eve. “Sometimes you can close an account online. If there is no such option, write a statement to the bank branch. Also, be sure to get a certificate from the bank about the absence of debt. This will help if any disputes with the credit institution arise in the future, “the expert recommends. In practice, there are also situations when after the loan is paid it turns out that the borrower still has debt obligations to the bank. This may be due to the action of any additional banking products. For example, insurance services, credit and debit cards, and premium service packages are often issued when a loan is issued, he notes. “At the same time, during the period of the loan, preferential conditions may be applied for these products, for example, no fee is charged at all. Accordingly, after the loan is closed, payments begin to come in full, which is why a debt to the bank is formed. Therefore, after the loan is repaid, it is worth contacting the bank to check the availability of additional products, “Shalaev explains. The expert told which deposit is more profitable to keep money in 2021. debt formation is possible if the loan is repaid within the framework of enforcement proceedings. In this case, the bank continues to charge interest until the debt is completely closed. The actions of the bank to accrue interest in this case will be lawful, – the lawyer warns. “In such a situation, it is necessary not only to pay off the debt and interest accumulated during the validity of the loan agreement, but also the amount that was already formed in the process of court proceedings and enforcement proceedings,” Shalaev concluded.

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