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The lawyer told who can get a loan according to your passport –

MOSCOW, 24 Feb – PRIME. It is illegal to apply for a loan at a bank without your consent. And in order for the transaction to be valid and bear legal consequences, there must be a bilateral expression of the will of the parties, expressed in writing, which will be confirmed by the relevant documents signed by both parties, the general director of the legal company Achievement told the Prime agency Artem Baranov. The expert named the goods and services that cannot be borrowed. If there is no such evidence, then it is impossible to say that the parties entered into a transaction, where they agreed and accepted all its essential conditions, and, therefore, no one assumed any rights and obligations either, the lawyer explains. However, you need to keep in mind that unscrupulous representatives of the credit market may still try to take advantage of your legal ignorance and catch you in various intricacies of the legal process. In Baranov’s practice, there was a case when a large bank, during its pre-bankruptcy period, issued a large number of loans for unsuspecting citizens. Such an operation was carried out using the passport data of potential “debtors”, the lawyer recalls. “Large sums of money were transferred to these accounts for everyone. At the same time, there are no pieces of paper confirming the will of the citizens themselves. Not a single document with the signatures of those people who allegedly take a loan,” he notes. In case you have become a victim of unscrupulous creditors, then you should use all possible ways to protect your rights. First of all, competent defense in court is necessary so that you are not charged with a fictitious debt. “After you have won the court, you need to try to recover from the opposite side as much as possible your material costs for the case,” Baranov said. See also: A lawyer told when and how you can refuse a loan

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