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The main stage of accepting competitive projects for the marketing and advertising festival LAMA 2022 has begun

Salmon Graphics, AIDA Pioneer, Milk Creative, TDI, LOGA BIGA and other agencies have registered their competition entries. To date, more than 150 projects are participating in the LAMA festival. Entries will be accepted until October 10th. The best of the best will be able to pick up the coveted statuettes and get into the annual creativity rating.

Not only advertising, communication, digital, and creative agencies, but also local and international brands and advertisers can take part in the competition program of the festival. The road to the festival awards is also open to private authors, photographers, designers, illustrators, creators, as well as production studios who can submit their cases in the craft nomination.

Competitive works for the festival are accepted only from participants from Belarus, but can be implemented both for Belarusian and foreign brands.

LAMA contests divided into two verticals: industrialand categorical. There are 112 nominations in total at the festival. Works can be submitted in one or both verticals. The main criteria for evaluating the competitive works of both verticals are creative idea and its embodiment. In competitive categories Advertising campaigns, Media, Promo & Activations, PR the results of the project are taken into account, which can be expressed both in the form of specific commercial results and in the form of a description of the achievement of the project’s objectives (publications in the media, increased brand awareness, etc.), as well as the implemented strategy. In the competitive category Marketing Effectiveness The evaluation criteria are: creative – 25%, strategy – 25%, results – 50%.

The industrial vertical is assessed by the agency jury, which annually includes the brightest representatives of the advertising market.

The client jury consists of representatives of brands whose advertising campaigns are most actively and creatively presented on the Belarusian market.

Both jury members will evaluate competitive projects independently of each other, which annually allows creating a transparent rating system for the festival and awards.

LAMA Marketing and Advertising Festival 2022 key dates:

Final deadline – October 10

Judging – October 21

Business program – October 25-26

Awards Ceremony – October 26

All participants who submitted competitive works will be invited to the festival awards ceremony in Minsk Marriott Hotel.

You can get acquainted with the full list of nominations, conditions of participation, as well as download competitive works, cases on the festival website.

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