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The Ministry of Finance placed OFZs for 10.15 billion rubles

MOSCOW, 13 Jan – PRIME. The Ministry of Finance of Russia placed at an unlimited auction federal loan bonds (OFZ) with a constant coupon yield of the 26236 series maturing in May 2028 for 10.15 billion rubles with a demand of 15.31 billion, the ministry said. The cut-off price was 99.22% of the nominal, the weighted average price was 99.2736% of the nominal. The profitability on the cut-off price was 5.91% per annum, the weighted average profitability was 5.91% per annum. Later, the Ministry of Finance will offer investors OFZs with an indexed face value of the 52003 series maturing in July 2030 in the amount of balances available for placement in the issue. The Ministry of Finance holds the first auctions for the placement of federal loan bonds in 2021. In general, in the first quarter of 2021, the Ministry of Finance plans to offer federal loan bonds for 1 trillion rubles at auctions. The approximate volume of OFZ placement with a maturity of up to five years is 100 billion rubles, from five to 10 years inclusive – 450 billion rubles, from 10 years – also 450 billion rubles.

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