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The New York Times: 20% of bitcoins were lost

About 20% of the bitcoins “mined” since the creation of the virtual currency are stored in electronic wallets, to which access is lost. This is reported by The New York Times with reference to the data of the company Chainalysis. The total value of bitcoins stuck in digital wallets is estimated at about $ 140 billion. Against the background of a significant increase in the value of bitcoin in the past few months, the number of requests from users who would like to return access to digital wallets has grown, according to Wallet Recovery Services, which helps recover lost digital keys. Every day 70 people turn to her with such requests, this is three times more than in December. It is clear that the less cryptocurrency available for sale, the higher its price. On the other hand, we have further evidence that investing in crypto is much more risky than investing in stocks on the stock exchange. We still recommend selling crypto and moving into stocks or, at worst, whiskey. Nobody canceled the cash flow and dividends. Interesting are “Rostelecom”, “Gazprom”, “Sberbank”, etc.____________________ Alexander Razuvaev, Head, IAC “Alpari”

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