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The ruble depreciates against the dollar by 0.3% and strengthens against the euro by 0.2%

On Wednesday, January 14, following the trading session, the ruble fell against the US dollar and closed with growth against the euro and the British pound. The dollar / ruble pair rose 0.28% to RUB 73.74. The euro / ruble pair dropped by 0.20%, to 89.61 rubles, the pound / ruble – by 0.16%, to 100.53 rubles. At yesterday’s trading, the ruble showed multidirectional dynamics. It opened with growth against major currencies on the back of the rise in price of Brent oil to $ 57.39 per barrel. With the strengthening of the dollar and the decline in oil prices, the ruble came under pressure against the dollar. The dollar / ruble pair rose to 73.98 rubles. The dollar resumed its growth against world currencies in the global market amid rising yields on US Treasury bonds before the impeachment of US President Donald Trump. Taking into account the fact that the pound and the euro fell in price against the dollar, the ruble closed up against them. By the end of the day, a barrel of Brent fell 1.24% to $ 55.99. The RF Ministry of Finance exerted a slight pressure on the ruble. The department announced that it will buy the currency according to the budgetary rule. In the period from January 15 to February 4, 2021, it will send 106.3 billion rubles for the purchase of foreign currency, 7.1 billion rubles each. in a day. The Ministry of Finance also held its first OFZ auctions yesterday. The proceeds from the sale of bonds amounted to RUB 31 billion. (very little). On Thursday, January 14, at trading in Asia, Brent crude oil costs $ 55.88 (-0.21%). Major currencies show mixed performance against the US dollar. The technical picture for oil indicates continued growth in quotations. I would venture to suggest that the ruble will test the level of 73 rubles. for the dollar. By the end of January, I expect the dollar to drop to 72 rubles. As a result of trading, the Moscow Exchange index amounted to 3470.26 points (-0.04%), the RTS index – 1486.77 points (+ 0.12%). The dynamics of prices for blue chips was mixed within 6.6%. The Moscow Exchange index sank slightly amid a downward correction in oil. The RTS index closed slightly higher on the weakening of the ruble against the dollar. In Asia, S & P500 futures are trading up 0.20%. The index is growing despite news that the House of Representatives has reached the threshold of the number of votes required to impeach President Donald Trump during the vote. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he would not convene the Senate until the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. In this regard, impeachment against Trump should not have an impact on the market. According to technical analysis, consolidation is expected today at current levels in the range of – / + 30 points from the closing prices ._________________ Vladislav Antonov, Analyst, IAC “Alpari”

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