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The ruble monitors the dynamics of the dollar


The ruble strengthened slightly on the basis of the Tuesday session, bringing the dollar back under the 74 rub mark, which the pair is trying to win back today. Movements are still limited, but volatility may increase during the day. There are chances for the ruble to grow, but it will not be easy to realize it. The day before, the dollar rose sharply against most currencies, recouping the maximum jump in American inflation in 13 years. The report had a negative impact on risky assets, but the ruble held out due to the rising oil prices. Now players’ attention is switching to the semi-annual report of the head of the Fed. If Powell confirms that the acceleration of inflation is temporary, it will reassure investors, who, after the consumer prices report, again began to bet on an earlier tightening of monetary policy, in this scenario, the dollar will correct downward, which will play into the hands of our currency. Even so, however, the ruble’s bullish potential will be limited, especially in light of the slipping in oil prices, which are retreating after yesterday’s rally. In the short term, the dollar / ruble is likely to continue to run near the level of 74 rubles. with an eye on the support zone 73.80 rubles. Euro / ruble may try to break below 87 rubles ._________________ Nikolay Pereslavsky, Employee of the Department of Economic and Financial Research, CMS Institute


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