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The Russian stock market tried to open with growth, but to no avail

At the start of the Monday session, the Moscow Exchange index tried to grow, but to no avail, while the RTS initially headed south under the influence of the currency factor. The ruble, which on Friday at the moment touched fresh April highs in the area of ​​75.15 rubles, and already today opened with a sharp gap down. The dollar returned beyond the level of 76 rubles, although it is in no hurry to develop an upward momentum. Since the beginning of the session, the Moscow Exchange and the RTS index have been declining by 0.14% and 0.85%, respectively. The decline in domestic assets is primarily due to the tense geopolitical situation. Last weekend, Washington warned Moscow of the consequences for Russia in the event of the death of Alexei Navalny, whose health continues to deteriorate. In addition, the United States stressed that it reserves the right to respond to Russian countermeasures. There are also concerns about the introduction of tougher sanctions on the Russian government debt. In other words, current relations with the West as a whole do not presuppose an increase in our shares and the ruble before tensions fall, which are still only growing. At the same time, the external background today is developing relatively well. Stocks are mostly bullish, but signs of a correction in US futures are alarming, signaling a low profile of risk appetite. No important events are planned for today, and market participants are gradually switching to the ECB meeting, which will be held on Thursday. Investors also do not lose sight of corporate reporting, which will set the tone for stock markets this week ._______________ Mikhail Kogan, Head of Analytical Research, Higher School of Financial Management

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