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The Russians were reminded what information should not be disclosed in messengers


MOSCOW, July 14 – PRIME. Users of instant messengers during communication should not disclose bank card data, PIN codes or SMS passwords, so as not to become victims of fraudsters, the press service of the Viber messenger told RIA Novosti. Citizens were warned which links on the Internet should not be followed “Viber reminds of the fact that the interlocutors in instant messengers are categorically forbidden to transfer the data of their card: number, expiration date, CVV-code; any PIN-code; login and password from Internet banking; 3D Secure password; SMS-password, “the press service said … They emphasized that this data in the messenger cannot be disclosed, regardless of who the interlocutor appears to be: a bank employee or a representative of any other organizations. “You should stop such communication and call the number indicated on the official website of your bank or organization or on the back of your bank card,” the service added. Viber said that since the beginning of summer, about 4 thousand accounts with signs of fraud have been blocked on the side of the messenger in Russia – users have complained about them. The press service noted that cybercriminals are increasingly using popular social networks, platforms and instant messengers to contact their users. “Most often, fraudsters write or call users after posting on ad services, as well as from fake accounts of various organizations or banks, and pretend to be their employees. In the process of communicating, attackers, under various pretexts, try to find out their bank card details from users or send a fake payment link.” , – told in the messenger.


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