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The smell of money: how aroma marketing helps in sales

Nikolai Yarets

Does your business have a smell? On November 28, the Pro Business Club is holding a tasty meeting in every sense about scent marketing: how to use scents to work with clients and employees, to promote products and services.

Scent marketing tools can work in almost any company, regardless of scale. About the use of this approach, with examples and advice, Nikolai Yarets, a well-known Belarusian perfumer-stylist, founder of the Perfume Note company, will tell. At the end of the evening, which will take place at the Minsk Renaissance Hotel, Nikolai will choose several guests – and together they will make up the flavor of the business.

Registration for the meeting starts at 18−20.
The performance starts at 19-00. Several topics:

1. What is aromamarketing, features of this type of promotion

2. How to use aromamarketing in working with clients and employees:
• Practical recommendations
• Examples and cases

3. Flavor and company philosophy: how it works

4. In 19−40 the practical part will begin: Nikolay will choose several guests, and together they will start to make an aroma composition.

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What is Pro Business Club?

This is a community of entrepreneurs and leaders. Thanks to the unique networking mechanics developed, each participant at each meeting gets the opportunity to discuss their case, problem, business issue. Get useful practical advice and tips from colleagues – the same leaders and entrepreneurs representing companies from different fields.

In the Club we find partners, clients, contractors. We communicate offline and online – in the private chat of the Club. We also have a good rest). More than 1,700 top business people have already attended Club meetings.

Pro Business Club meeting
Pro Business Club meeting

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