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The State Duma plans to endow the Bank of Russia with new functions

MOSCOW, Dec 19 – PRIME. The Bank of Russia will be able to control data security in commercial biometric systems of financial market participants, follows from the amendments to the bill on the use of the Unified Biometric System for remote identification when receiving various financial services prepared for the second reading. RIA Novosti got acquainted with a copy of the document. The Central Bank recommended banks to extend the restructuring of loans “Empowering the Bank of Russia with the authority to exercise control and supervision over the implementation of organizational and technical measures to ensure the security of biometric personal data in the KBS of financial market organizations,” the document says. With regard to other biometric systems, the FSB and FSTEC will receive similar powers. At the same time, identification using commercial systems will be possible in cases established by the government in agreement with the Central Bank and only after passing the accreditation. The data collected in the commercial system will need to be transferred to the Unified Biometric System. According to the text of the amendments, the Unified Biometric System will receive the status of a state information system. In particular, this means the possibility of government agencies implementing their functions, including the provision of state and municipal services only using the Unified Biometric System. If its use is impossible (a different type of biometric data is used), other state information systems can be used. Nabiullina warned about the risks of a long freeze in prices in Russia The system will not be able to post information related to the state secret. It is envisaged that the law enforcement agencies and Roskomnadzor will be able to send requests for depersonalization, blocking, deletion of biometric personal data, and make other changes to the information contained in the Unified Biometric System. The amendments to the second reading also provide for the expansion of the use of the Unified Biometric System for obtaining any financial services, and not just for opening an account and obtaining a loan. Banks with a basic license will have the right, not the obligation, to collect biometric data into the Unified Biometric System. It is also planned that the Bank of Russia will have the right to establish the conditions for collecting biometrics in the Unified Biometric System, depending on the types of banking divisions (operational cash desks, branches). The data itself can be collected not only through banks, but also through the MFC.

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