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The use of mortgages may be expanded in Russia

2021-01-20T11: 57: 00 + 03: 002021-01-20T12: 41: 25 + 03: 002021-01-20T11: 57: 00 + 03: 002021 html Mortgages may be extended in RussiaNewsru-RUhttps: // The Deputy Prime Minister stressed that the strategy … PRIME, January 20, 2021 real estate, mortgage, russia, real estate, news, business, finance // images / 83284/98 / 832849816.jpghttps: // // // 83284/98 / 832849803.jpg19201920truehttps: // // Economic Information Agency PRIME 7 495 645-37-00 Russia today “https: //russiaassegodny.rf/awards/ Economic Information Agency PRIME 7 495 645-37-00 Federal State Unitary Enterprise MIA” Russia Today “https: //russia Today.rf/awards/ Economic Information Agency PRIME 7 495 645-37-00 “Russia today” https: //russiaassegodny.rf/awards/ Agency of economic information PRIME 7 495 645-37-00 Federal State Unitary Enterprise MIA “Russia today” -37-00 Federal State Unitary Enterprise MIA “Russia Today” https: //russiaassegodny.rf/awards/ MOSCOW, January 20 – PRIME. The government of the Russian Federation plans to make wooden houses an object of mortgage, said Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko on the air of the NTV channel. Sberbank issued the first loan under the Far Eastern Mortgage program. as well as the organization of deep wood processing in the country. In addition, measures will be taken to develop wooden housing construction. “The first direction is to enable individual residential houses from these house kits to be considered a normal, adequate object of collateral. And we are working with the economic bloc, with the Central Bank, appropriate measures to make the wooden house a full participant in mortgage loans,” Abramchenko said. The Deputy Prime Minister noted that 65 companies are currently operating in Russia that produce house kits, while only 3% of their products are assembled in the country.

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