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The user told how he lost funds from his MetaMask wallet

While much of the cryptocurrency world was on a roller coaster ride, Twitter notsofast, a popular crypto trader, had a real crypto nightmare as his hot Metamask wallet was hacked due to a security breach in the wallet.

Despite the fact that the trader quickly responded and spent twelve hours fighting the attack, the hackers still managed to steal more than 46 ETH ($ 74,000), other altcoins worth $ 34,000, and even his domain notsofast.eth.

Well, that’s trash. My metamask is hacked. They even got their hands on my notsofast.eth domain. Something was saved, as I began to strengthen security. They keep everything in this account as a trophy.

Later, the trader wrote that he was not sure about the hacking of his personal wallet, suggesting that the problem could be related to the vulnerability of the MetaMask function, which consists in storing the wallet’s private key in the browser cache, which is available for any open tab.

The victim refused any donations and compensation from the community and encouraged everyone to use a password manager and a hardware wallet.

The community can: Learn from my mistake! And you will be able to make proper calls. Don’t be lazy like me. Whatever you want to send me, spend on a hardware wallet or password manager for yourself or a loved one.

He also stressed the importance of segregating accounts, stating that traders should create new browser profiles for each type of WEB 3.0 wallet used, and not run anything else on those accounts. Ideally, use a separate computer or device, he added in a separate tweet.

Developer and consultant Udi Wertheimer commented on the incident: “If you are using the Metamask browser extension, this is probably the weakest link in your security plan.”

If you MUST use it, buy a Chromebook and hardware wallet and use them STRICTLY for Metamask.

According to him, while the Chromebook limits what can be installed on the computer, it still allows the installation of malicious browser plugins.

At the same time, Wertheimer added that even if you use a hardware wallet to work with Metamask, it still carries a high risk due to the way it handles permissions. Thus, the best way to avoid future problems is to limit the amount of funds stored in hot wallets and split accounts to limit the damage from attacks.

For most people, it seems safer to use an ETH wallet for a mobile phone rather than a laptop and hardware wallet combination. It’s also nowhere near perfect, but not nearly as ridiculously helpless as the Metamask browser extension.

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