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They will be taken seriously. What will happen to the technical inspection without linking with the OSAGO


MOSCOW, 11 July – PRIME, Uliana Kraynaya. Unlinking the mandatory technical inspection from the sale of the OSAGO policy does not fundamentally change anything – both the technical inspection is needed, and the compulsory insurance is necessary. However, the changes adopted in the legislation will make the OSAGO market more honest and transparent, according to experts interviewed by the Prime agency. The traffic police expect an increase in the queues for inspection In Russia, starting from August 22, insurance companies will not check the presence of a valid diagnostic card in a car … The President signed the relevant amendments to the laws on road safety and OSAGO. The Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, in force as of today, does not provide for fines for ordinary drivers for driving a vehicle without undergoing a technical inspection. After the recent changes in legislation, an ordinary man in the street does not need a technical inspection or a diagnostic card when applying for a compulsory motor third party liability insurance policy. That is, at present, legally, in most cases, technical inspection is not needed, says Anatoly Mironov, head of the branch of the Moscow bar association “Zashchita”. “At the same time, the duty of the driver to ensure the good condition of the car remains due to a number of legal norms, including the requirements of the traffic rules. At the same time, the absence of punishment for non-compliance with these requirements is a temporary compromise solution between the state, insurance companies and road users,” – he explains. The period of preferential exemptions will end with the arrival of March 2022, when part 1.1 of article 12.5 of the Code of Administrative Offenses will come into effect, according to which driving a vehicle with an unregistered diagnostic card confirming the admission of a car to road traffic entails a fine of two thousand rubles. In this case, a fine can be assigned to the same driver every day. It is planned that the fine will be imposed by automatic cameras for photo and video recording of violations. NOT A REASON FOR REFUSAL In order to get a MTPL policy, you will not need to undergo a technical inspection, but this applies only to ordinary motorists using the car for non-commercial purposes. Drivers of trucks, buses, taxis are not exempt from this responsibility, emphasizes Alexey Petropolsky, General Director of Urvista Law Firm. Prepare your wallet. In Russia, the rules for technical inspection of used cars are changing But, nevertheless, you should not refuse to undergo a technical inspection – even if for some time there is no direct threat to you for its absence. “The fact is that in most insurance policies there is a clause: if the car has not passed a technical inspection and does not have a diagnostic card, this may be the basis for non-payment of the insurance policy – both for MTPL and CASCO. This is important to remember if you then you do not want to deal with the insurance company for a long time and persistently. So it is better to do a technical inspection after all, “the lawyer advises. HONEST AND TRANSPARENT According to Daria Timchenko, the head of lending and insurance divisions of the Fresh Auto car dealership network, the adopted changes are necessary in order to make the OSAGO and technical inspection market “more honest and transparent”. It’s not a secret for anyone that the last few years, drivers have been buying diagnostic cards from “gray” sellers, without visiting a service station, since without this document they had no opportunity to purchase an OSAGO policy. “Now these are two completely different, but equally necessary procedures that are not related to each other. MTPL covers liability to third parties, and the diagnostic card is an indicator of the driver’s consciousness and the health of his car,” she believes. or the absence of a confirmed checkup – the cost of the MTPL policy. While this factor is not taken into account, but the specialist does not exclude that insurance companies will introduce a diagnostic card as one of the coefficients that form the total cost of MTPL. point of view – and a technical inspection is needed, and an OSAGO policy is necessary, says automotive expert Yegor Vasiliev. “Simply separating these paid services from each other gives some advantages to insurance companies, which have the opportunity to cover those marginal motorists who previously acted on the principle “the barn is on fire – burn and the hut”, and did not bother buying insurance, because they did not want or could not pass the inspection, “he says. The insurers estimated how much the CTP will rise in price after the reform. so complicated and time consuming that it discouraged some of them from going through it. Moreover, the number of accidents associated with the unsatisfactory condition of vehicles is less than 4%. “So the separation of technical inspection and OSAGO will make drivers more secure, at least financially,” – said the auto expert. FROM ACCOUNTING TO SAFETY Inspection is a necessary procedure for many reasons – from accounting to safety. An expert taught how to alter a car and not receive a fine If the topic of safety is clear, the issue of more accurate accounting is always left out. For example, in the old databases of the traffic police, when this department was still responsible for inspection, there was such a sign: whether the car came for inspection or not. Potentially, this could help many departments to keep a correct record of cars on the roads, suggests Alexander Gruzdev, director of Gruzdev-analyze. “A similar scheme is used to keep track of cars in the United States. If a car goes through the annual renewal process, it is considered to be an operated car. The fines without such a registration process when operating a car are very serious – up to the prohibition of on-site operation,” he says. As for checking the technical condition, then, according to the expert, in different countries everything is different. In most European countries such a procedure is mandatory, and, for example, in Germany, it is also a “very strict procedure”. In the United States, only the emission level of cars over a certain age is usually checked – after all, the environmental class depends on the emission level, and on it the tax. But technical things, like the size of the tire tread and some other technical aspects, can be checked by the police right on the road and ask you to immediately eliminate the non-compliance with the requirements.


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