TradingView: Non Tradable Symbol Trading Explained

TradingView: Non Tradable Symbol Trading Explained

TradingView: Non Tradable Symbol Trading Explained

Understanding Forex and Non-Tradable Symbols

Forex, or foreign exchange, trading is ⁢the buying and selling of‍ currencies on global markets to make a profit.⁢ To properly ⁤access this market, you ⁢must understand the symbols associated with each currency. One such symbol is the “Non-tradable symbol” which can​ be found in the Tradingview Forex platform. This ⁢article explains‍ what a Non-Tradable symbol is, why it’s different from a regular currency, and how you can succeed as a forex trader with the help of Tradingview Forex.

What ⁢is a Non-Tradable Symbol?

Non-tradable⁣ symbols are not actually currencies but rather points of reference between two or more currencies. Non-Tradable symbols provide a snapshot view of exchange rates and economic stability of different countries. In forex trading, a ⁢non-tradable⁣ symbol helps ​you understand the motivation behind a particular currency pair. For example, if you’re trading ⁣in U.S. Dollars and British Pounds, the non-tradable symbol “GBP/USD” will represent the value of both currencies against one another.

Why is Non-Tradable Symbol Different from a Currency?

Non-tradable symbols are unique because ‌they are measurements of ​two currencies against⁤ each other as opposed to currencies themselves. While the main point of trading forex is to make a profit from currency movements, non-tradable symbols enable traders to analyze exchange rates between two or more different currencies. This way, traders are able to‌ make more informed decisions when making trades.

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Using Non-Tradable⁤ Symbols​ with Tradingview Forex

If you’re using the Tradingview Forex platform, it’s important to understand how to take ​advantage ​of the non-tradable​ symbols available.‌ To get started​ with forex trading, open a demo account with one of the integrated futures brokers. Once you’ve logged ⁢in to your demo account, you can begin to ⁤access quotes for the non-tradable symbols available on Tradingview Forex. This way, you can use the quotes to observe economic conditions of different‍ currencies and make more informed trading decisions. ‌

When trading forex, remember to always observe the difference between non-tradable symbols and currency pairs. While​ both can be used for trading,⁤ non-tradable symbols provide additional⁣ insight into⁢ the forces affecting the ⁢movement of​ currencies. Plus, using non-tradable symbols with the Tradingview Forex platform can make it easier to understand the changes in exchange rate trends.


Non-tradable symbols are ⁤an important tool for any currency trader. By taking advantage of these⁢ symbols, ​you ​can understand the conditions affecting each currency pairing.‍ With a demo account ⁢and the Tradingview⁢ Forex platform, you can access⁢ the‍ quotes for non-tradable symbols⁢ and make more informed decisions when trading.

What is Non Tradable Symbols Tradingview?

Non Tradable Symbols (NTS) on TradingView are symbols that cannot be traded on the platform. Generally, these are ⁣currency pairs and stocks that are not available in⁣ the broker accounts. This can be caused by several reasons,⁣ such as restrictions from the broker or ​from the‌ country where the symbol is located. NTS ‌can only be used for charting‍ and analysis purposes.

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Where to Find Non Tradable Symbols?

Users can find NTS by searching their TradingView brokers, or through looking up reports from the broker’s official exchange.‍ Additionally, users may contact their broker to obtain the list of available non-tradable symbols. TradingView’s⁢ ‘Symbol Lookup’ ​function also displays a list ⁣of ⁣symbols that ‍cannot be ‌traded within a broker. It is important to remember ​that until a client ‌signs an account with the broker, they may not ‌be able‍ to trade⁣ the symbol ‌they wish ‍to.

Non Tradable Symbol Tradingview Review

Non ‌trades symbols on Tradingview are useful for charting⁢ and technical analysis purposes as it gives traders and investors more resources ⁤and ‍tools. Moreover, they provide additional​ opportunities to‌ analyse the market and check a trading strategy ​before implementing‌ it in the market. However, trading with NTS is prohibited and cannot be used to open positions or for other trading operations.

Additionally, TradingView allows users to use the symbol information in strategies, alerts and trading bots, ⁣though it’s important to​ ensure that the​ symbols referenced ‍in these elements exist in the trading account. Furthermore, depending on⁢ the type of brokerage⁢ account, some NTS⁣ cannot be‌ used to trade‍ in ‌another ‍asset such as futures or stocks. Ultimately, charting and technical analysis with NTS can be useful to traders.