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UK – don’t expect quarantine to end anytime soon

DATE OF PUBLICATION: 2021-01-22 13:40:49 The third restrictive measure against coronavirus in the United Kingdom may last until the summer, as the government sees no other way out, it is too early to think about easing restrictions. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Home Secretary Priti Patel is no longer considering returning citizens to normalcy this spring, even as the country’s mass vaccination program is underway, and instead the government has focused on enhancing compliance with existing restrictions amid fears that too many people are still regulations are being flouted, making it difficult to control the spread of the disease. Ministers are considering paying £ 500 to anyone who tests for COVID and tests positive to persuade more symptomatic people to come for testing. Such an extraordinary proposal could cost the treasury about 2 billion pounds sterling a month. All this is done so that citizens can overcome fear of losing their jobs if forced to self-isolate with a positive test, the ministerial document said, while the Home Secretary announced that new police fines of £ 800 would be imposed on people caught attending house parties. This party penalty will double for each further violation up to a maximum penalty of £ 6,400, Patel said. Party organizers may be fined £ 10,000. Earlier, Boris Johnson was asked by journalists if the restrictive measures could last until the summer, to which he replied that he did not rule out this, warning about a new strain of coronavirus, more dangerous than the previous one. most shops, restaurants and schools are closed and citizens have been told to stay at home. The restrictions threaten to push the economy into another recession after it experienced its worst recession in three centuries. The latest UK data showed that 1,290 people died from Covid-19 in 24 hours, or 95,829, the highest. death rate in Europe. The coronavirus pandemic will continue to put pressure on the UK economy, which may negatively affect investments, business and the national currency. What is happening on the trading chart? During the last day, the pound managed to renew the local maximum of the medium-term uptrend after a series of price rebounds from the maximum in 3 weeks. Speculative excitement covers all other problems associated with the British currency, I mean the economic consequences of covid and brexit, as well as the colossal overbought status. It is worth bringing to the notice that speculators cannot forever block the attention of pressing problems and everything can end with another collapse of the pound At this time, the quote is not just at the maximum, it follows the peak of the previous medium-term trend from 2018, otherwise it can scare speculators, which will lead to a sharp reduction in long positions in the market. In simple words, the range is 1.3750 / 1, 4000 / 1.4350, which reflects a slowdown in the previous trend, could be decisive in the market. What is happening at the moment in the market? The quote follows below the 1.3700 coordinate, which gives confidence to sellers and increases the chances of repeating the pattern associated with the level. In this case, we are talking about a price rebound and an increase in the volume of short positions. If the logical basis coincides, that is, the probability of a price decrease to the value of 1.3610-1.3550. An alternative market development scenario will be considered after the prices are kept higher than 1.3750 by daily period, which will lead to the finishing movement in the structure of the range from 2018. Key levels of the Resistance Zone: 1.3750 **; 1.3850; 1.4000 ***; 1.4350 **. Support Zones: 1.3610 *; 1.3300 **; 1.3000 ***; 1.2840 / 1.2860 / 1.2885; 1.2770 **; 1.2620; 1.2500; 1.2350 **; 1.2250; 1.2150 **; 1.2000 *** (1.1957). * Periodic level ** Range level *** Psychological level Material provided by InstaForex – Source – InstaForex

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