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View of young people: UNICEF in Belarus organized an open consultation of teenagers and businesses

On November 21, the UNICEF Adolescent Advisory Council and other young people met with representatives of the business community – specialists from MTS, Kaspersky, DoubleTree by Hilton Minsk, Priorbank, Young people told what they expect from business, shared their vision of an ideal employer and gave recommendations on existing services and products, on accessibility for people with disabilities, and marketing friendliness for teenagers.

November 20 passed World Children’s Day the day the Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted. At the international level, it was declared: children have rights along with adults – the right to health, education, protection and equal opportunities for every child.

It is important for UNICEF that the opinion of young people in Belarus is taken into account in the development of decisions on issues such as education, the environment, mental health and even doing business. Their voice is a valuable resource. In 10-15 years, it is today’s children and adolescents who will make important decisions in the country, and some will develop the private sector themselves.

We want to establish a dialogue between young people and business, so that business representatives hear what the guys care about and take this into account in their work. It is especially important that businesses know and understand the problems of the most vulnerable children, children with disabilities, children left without a mother and father, refugee children.» – noted the UNICEF Representative in Belarus Rustam Khaidarov.

Young people from the UNICEF Adolescent Advisory Council and from the Belarusian Association for Assistance to Disabled Children and Young People with Disabilities talked to a representative MTS company and found out why they are concerned about bullying on the Internet and what solution the company offers.

With representatives Priorbank and listened to how the bank works with young people: trains students and gives them the opportunity to learn the practical side of banking.

With a representative DoubleTree by Hilton Minsk and found out how business develops inclusion. We also went on a tour of the hotel and saw how the company takes care of its employees.

With a representative Kaspersky in Belarus and heard about the social projects and training initiatives of the company, as well as the necessary skills for young people to work in the IT field.

We also went on an excursion to one of the largest logistics warehouses in Belarus – the company’s warehouse 21vek.byand talked to their representatives.

At the question-answer session, young people were interested in what qualities business representatives value in employees, what opportunities teenagers have for cooperation with business, what prospects children with no work experience have, whether business helps young people with disabilities with employment and adaptation a lot others.

After the consultation, all recommendations for business will be collected and, perhaps, some will be put into practice.

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