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What a market …

Countertrend trades yesterday (evening) – today
Time Tool Operation Price
20:15 RTS-3.21 [FORTS] Purchase 147,740
21:41 RTS-3.21 [FORTS] Sale 148390
12:04 RTS-3.21 [FORTS] Purchase 147,690
12:26 RTS-3.21 [FORTS] Sale 148 380
13:57 RTS-3.21 [FORTS] Purchase 147,700
14:55 RTS-3.21 [FORTS] Sale 148 380
19:35 RTS-3.21 [FORTS] Purchase 147,740

For the first time I see that during the day all countertrend trades are around one level ~ 148000 And no averaging: 1 input-1 output. And in the evening he entered again at the same buy level. The impression is that there are “dolls” on the market :).

PS Do not look for large lots, my account has 2 contracts “averaging step” 🙂

PS 1 21:30 Sale 148330. Poltergates …

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