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What events take place at the golf club and why are they unique?

Photo: Pavel Sadovsky,

Minsk Golf Club has been operating since 2013 and is already known to many: to some as the only “real” golf course in Minsk, and to others as a place where you can enjoy picturesque views and meet interesting people. After all, the Golf Club has long attracted not only athletes and amateur golfers. It hosts team building companies, conferences and brand presentations, business meetings and master classes.

We talked with commercial director Igor Kapustin about how business events and entertainment events are held at the Minsk Golf Club.

Igor Kapustin
Commercial Director of the Golf Club Minsk

“The key component is the wow effect”

— The Golf Club is now hosting a lot of different events. For example, our Pro Business Club held its meetings with you. And there were also various presentations, press conferences, business networking, master classes… Has the golf club clearly become a popular event venue?

— Since the beginning of the season, we have held more than 20 events of various sizes and formats.

Usually the season for outdoor activities starts from May, when the weather becomes favorable, and lasts until the end of October. In the cold season, we offer our customers a closed area.

But this year, unfortunately, the events in the world have affected the demand. There was a lull at the beginning of the season, most clients canceled or rescheduled events, especially large ones. There was also a reduction in the budgets for their organization in large companies that used to often cooperate with us. Therefore, we refocused on small events in terms of duration and number of people. They turned out to be sincere, with a very warm atmosphere, they gave support to people, which was so needed during this period.

Photo: Pavel Sadovsky,
Photo: Pavel Sadovsky,

However, now the market has revived and there is a steady demand even for organizing large-scale events. People miss being able to spend time outdoors and are very keenly interested in the Golf Club. The site is located not far from Minsk, but at the same time quite secluded. Guests seem to be temporarily transferred from busy city life to measured country life. This is a great way to switch. You can start a new hobby, chat in an informal setting with colleagues and loved ones, just admire the local scenery.

— How would you describe the event at the Golf Club today? What is especially important for your clients?

– Each organizer pursues one single goal – to make the customer satisfied and impressed. And we create all the necessary conditions for this and try to exceed expectations every time.

Customers by default expect first-class service and transparent communication. Now, when we are dealing with deferred demand, the speed of reaction, flexibility in terms of formats is also of particular importance.

A separate important component is the wow effect. People get tired of the usual formats, activities, there is a request for something new. The uniqueness of the location itself and the proposed activities come to the fore. And here we have something to offer.

Photo: Pavel Sadovsky,
Photo: Pavel Sadovsky,

— Golf club community — who is it? Tell us about your client profile?

– These are, first of all, people for whom a high-quality reboot is very important, the opportunity to escape from work. In this regard, golf is the perfect solution. It is at the same time harmony with nature and sports excitement from the game. In our community, there are those who choose conscious leisure. These are people for whom it is important to spend time developing, being inspired and charged with interest in life.

“Golf is about culture, etiquette and awareness”

— What events in general can be held at the Golf Club site today?

– The scale of the site, its infrastructure allows us to offer the client various formats of leisure. We can host a wide variety of events: from small workshops, dinner parties and picnics to conferences and team building events for 300+ people.

Photo: Pavel Sadovsky,
Photo: Pavel Sadovsky,

Our course architect Paul Thomas has designed golf courses in England, China, Spain and Russia. Most of the area, of course, is used directly for golf. But we deliberately prepared part of the location for events.

The layout of the site allows customers to organize the space according to their needs. We have a flexible approach, we can transform the location based on the goals and objectives of clients. For example, we have an area with a tent for a buffet table or dinner, a clearing for a picnic. We can do a golf cart tour, arrange a photo session, even set up a small stage for performances.

What additional services do you offer to clients?

— We offer golf activities that are unique for Belarus: we hold master classes, organize golf battles, team building mini-tournaments, corporate schools and full-fledged golf tournaments. Such activities allow you to keep guests busy for 1-6 hours. And it really creates a wow effect. Some get so carried away that they visit the Golf Club regularly on their own, take lessons, and begin to try their hand at amateur tournaments.

Golf is truly versatile. They are available for people of all ages and fitness levels. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, the game gives a healthy sports interest, excitement and unites a wide variety of people.

Photo: Pavel Sadovsky,
Photo: Pavel Sadovsky,

— What makes the Golf Club area stand out in particular? What are its advantages over other options?

“Corporate clients love us for the uniqueness of the place and landscapes, for quality leisure time for their guests, as well as for the opportunity not to worry about anything before and during events.

And the players themselves prefer the golf club for a special atmosphere and the opportunity to concentrate on the most important things. After all, golf is about culture, etiquette and awareness.

Photo: Pavel Sadovsky,
Photo: Pavel Sadovsky,

— And why are the events interesting for the golf club itself? Did you initially include the possibility of holding various events in your business model?

— I would say that holding events for us is another opportunity to introduce Belarusians to golf and get them interested in the game. Of course, the event platform is an important part of our work. But this direction is aimed not only at making a profit, but also at immersing Belarusians in golf.

In order to get involved, it is very important to see everything with your own eyes, to feel the atmosphere of the fields, to try to make a hit. And then the person falls in love with the process. Therefore, for us and the organizers of various events on our site, this is a mutually beneficial cooperation: the customer receives a unique event, and we continue to develop the culture of golf in the country.

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