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What was discussed at the marketing conference Tallinn digital week

Photo courtesy of an expert.

In July, the internet marketing conference Tallin digital week was held in Tallinn. The experts discussed everything from personal effectiveness and the secrets of public speaking to complex sales funnels. One of the conference speakers, the founder of the YEES digital agency, Evgeny Chernobay, brought useful speech abstracts from Estonia, which he shared with Pro Business.

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”

The conference was opened by one of the founders of Instformation agency, official partner of L’oreal, speaker of Skillbox and Netology Julia Lomova. She talked about changes in sales funnels in the current conditions and about performance indicators.

Demonstrated a classic sales funnel on Instagram:

And then she shared the eloquent figures of the study:

Yulia drew attention to the importance of developing different sales channels instead of focusing on one, which is especially relevant in light of the recent blocking of social networks in Russia, where local bloggers and companies are “crying”. All this once again confirms the thesis that you should not put all your eggs in one basket. In marketing as well.

“The brain completes the appearance of the speaker if it is hard to see”

Editor-in-Chief Tamara Tyutina told how to publish in the media for free. In particular, in order for you to have a better chance of getting published, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. It could be a writing style, a rare topic, or an extravagant image of you as the author. In general, the main rule from Jack Trout “Differentiate or die” in action.

In addition, Tamara explained how to captivate the audience when conducting online broadcasts.
In particular, she drew attention to the quality of the picture: “The brain completes the appearance of the speaker if it is hard to see. As a result, the brain wastes resources, and this scatters the attention of the audience.” So the picture quality should be as high as possible.

And a little more about the influence of non-verbal signals:

“Delegation is also a way to free up time”

Partner of digital agency Instformation Elena Borisova believes that good marketing is impossible without competent time management. All sorts of notifications on the phone, “urgent urgent matters” and other distractions prevent you from calmly solving tasks.

To bring order to work, it is worth using a variety of planning:

Here’s how to prioritize tasks:

As it turned out, “delegation is also a way to free up time.”

Features of promotion in the American market

I told you about the features of promotion in the American market. In particular, he touched on the cost of a thousand impressions of ads. If in Belarus we pay from $0.40 to $1.7 to show ads to 1000 people, then in America, on average, for our projects it is $14-17. Accordingly, advertising in the US is about 15 times more expensive than in Belarus.

Examples: Belarus

Project “Blog of an obstetrician-gynecologist”.
Price per 1000 impressions – $0.45.

Project “Kitchen to order”.
The price for 1000 impressions is $1.15.

Examples: USA

Yacht rental project.
The price for 1000 impressions is $17.19.

Project “Improvement of credit history”.
The price for 1000 impressions is $15.20.

By the way, Facebook is very active in America. In preparation for the conference, we collected all the data on applications: we analyzed which social networks they were from. Here’s what happened:

There is another feature of targeted advertising in the US. There is the possibility of targeting based on the earnings of the audience:

“Household Income”. The higher the index, the higher the income.

Most likely, such an opportunity appeared in cooperation with banks. Otherwise, how do services know about income? For the use of such data illegally, the courts would not have been avoided.

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