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On May 18, the annual online conference on video advertising Video Ads Conference 2022 from AMDG was held. Presented their speeches 7 speakers from Yandex, VKontakte, TikTok and other companies. Video broadcasting and presentations of the speakers can be requested at the link.

According to Yandex data for January 2022, coverage of the Belarusian audience video networks is over 6.4 million users. The audience of media videos is represented in sufficient volume and distributed among all age groups. The speaker paid special attention to the growth in the percentage of the audience 55+, for the coverage of which previously applied to TV.

The most viewed formats are out-stream advertising: video in text content (5.4 million) and mobile videos in apps (4.6 million). The speaker also noted an increase in the consumption of fast content. In 2021, videos under 10 seconds saw an increase in views relative to longer videos.

The audience also learned about the ways to purchase traffic for media planning, how to optimize campaigns, and how to work with performance goals.

Thanks to advanced Brand Safety features, for display ads, ad serving will now be organic in categories such as gambling, adult content, weapons, tobacco, and others (optional).

Opportunities were presented especially for the listeners of the conference beta metrics for display ads. The wide format of using the tool allows the advertiser to control all placements not only in Yandex, but also in other systems. A comparison was also made of the capabilities and advantages of the two systems Brand Lift and Yandex.Vzglyad.

At the end, the speaker presented the results of the study in relation to advertising. You can read more about the speaker’s report here.

69% the population of Belarus, or 6.5 million users use VK monthly (according to VK internal data as of March 2022).

According to VKontakte’s Q1 2022 video format survey, businesses continue to invest in video ads. Investments in this tool increased by eight% (compared to the same period in 2021). Wherein 68% videos are placed in the Out-stream format – in the form of native video posts with automatic launch. The leading category in terms of video ad spend is FMCG.

Video advertising allows you to solve image and performance tasks aimed at the user performing a targeted action. Among the video formats that are leading in the Belarusian market, there are posts in the feed, multi-format posts and carousel.

The speaker also presented new opportunities for advertisers – “VK Advertising”. The platform combines the best technologies of other advertising systems such as myTarget and VKontakte for business. High results are achieved through an automatic bid management system, adapting creatives to all advertising placements on VK sites, as well as due to user preferences and budget optimization at the campaign level.

Learn more about how to scale results and get high volumes while maintaining efficiency using VK Ads here.

According to a Nielsen study, the ROAS of TikTok ad formats on fourteen% higher with other digital media.

Videos allow advertisers to solve different tasks at all stages of the sales funnel.

So, for example, for the activation pre-launch flight, experts recommend using outreach tools such as Reach & Frequency and In-Feed Ads (coverage). To create an event, you should turn to short ads with a CTA button – Topview*; to engage the audience — to the Hashtag Challenge and the Branded Effect content solution; to stimulate action and ensure conversion In-Feed Ads (action) – to lead generation and dynamic advertising.

*According to research by Kantar, 77% users prefer TopView formats to other platforms. Kantar survey of 1200+ users, August-September 2020: TopView vs Instagram & Facebook Feed Ad, Story Ad, YouTube TrueView.

TikTok ad campaigns that have been active for more than 3 months 2 times increase the likelihood of conversion.

TikTok’s speech was industry-focused for three business areas: FMCG, Retail and Pharma. For each industry, advertising tools were grouped in the form of strategies.

So, for FMCG brands, a case was presented using In-Feed Ads (Auction), which made it possible to increase ROI by 3 times and achieve a 30% increase in brand sales. For the Retail and Pharma categories, there are two approaches: DSA (working with the catalog and recommending specific products to the user) and Non-DSA (optimization for specific events). Using VkusVill as an example, using the In-Feed Ads, R&F and Traffic tools, we demonstrated building knowledge through a predictable CPM and stimulating in-app purchases within the target CPA. You can check out real-life TikTok examples and recommendations here.

Integration with Zeft ensures a high level of Brand Safety. Thanks to this feature, advertising messages are placed among content that complies with 44 GARM standards.

To evaluate the effectiveness of video advertising at each stage of the funnel, the following tools were proposed: recognition (BSL, split testing), consideration (Pixel, Events AP) and conversion (MMP, TT SDK, Events API).

A strong brand can be the cause of a resounding success, while a weak one can easily destroy everything. Branding helps to more accurately get into the information field and stand out with its novelty among the constant flow of messages. A strong image is one of the reasons for the long life of a company.

The image of the company is influenced by:

Brand personality. It is important to understand how the brand differs from competitors and what audience uses the products. Be sure to answer the question of what customer problems the company’s product solves.

Brand Voice. Tone of Voice can control the audience. You need to imagine how the brand will “sound” and how it can be presented to customers.

Goals and means to achieve them. If you offer high-quality services or products, then you should not get carried away with discounts and special offers. It is necessary to use those communication channels that correspond to the brand image.

Design and content. The name and slogan reflect the essence of the brand, and a high-quality corporate identity allows you to recognize a brand from a thousand.

Branding process. It does not happen quickly, as it requires well-planned and verified actions.

A good commercial is a video that solves a business problem. Brand DNA must constantly change. How to find an opportunity to communicate in the current circumstances and maintain your position in the market, you can find out here.

Brand social media content should be streaming and non-repetitive. Keeping several headings and methodically interacting with the audience according to the content plan will make the chosen site saturated and attract a permanent, involved viewer.

The most popular streaming content formats are animations and fast videos. Videos do not have to be complicated, because social media posts are responded to within 24 hours. In order for brand posts to lead to its development, the content must be viral, include useful information and high-quality unique humor. Details can be found here.

With high costs for the same type or one-time content, the quality of its promotion suffers, since each advertising campaign requires the creation of additional creatives. To avoid quality jumps, you need to clearly plan your advertising budget, follow the content plan, and incorporate videos from production companies into it.

The one who clearly sees trends and quickly responds to them saves the advertising budget. Attracting micro- and nano-influencers will help to interest the highest quality and loyal audience.

AMDG’s report was devoted to ways to control the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

The advantage of Digital is that the effectiveness of advertising can be calculated. Despite the fact that video advertising is more of an image tool, it can also lead to conversions and is an important step in the sales funnel.

Metrics for evaluating the result of video advertising – these are reach, reach frequency, direct conversions, POST-VIEW conversions, assisted conversions. For a more complete analysis, conventionally measurable performance indicators are used: the growth of direct traffic, the growth of a request in Wordstat, the increase in conversions and Brand Lift.

What to look for when adjusting your video ad strategy:

  • brand safety is a set of works to protect the brand from mentions and appearances in a negative information environment. By working on Brand Safety, you can avoid image, administrative or criminal risks.
  • Brand Lift — allows you to explore the memorability of the video, brand preference among users, the intention and willingness to make a purchase.

It is impossible to talk about efficiency without analytics, it must be extensive and detailed. Without an audit, it is difficult to make decisions on optimizing an advertising campaign.

At the end of their report, AMDG shared their experience of advertising campaigns for FMCG, Retail and Pharma brands. Thus, the speaker presented cases on the effectiveness of campaigns for the Hard Lemonade J.HARDY line, the Smectic Honey drug and the Island of Purity and Taste chain of stores. You can learn more about brand promotion here.

The final stage of VAC 2022 was a discussion panel with leading experts from FMCG, Retail and Pharma companies.

Image “panel-01”

Company experts “Santa”, STADA and Green shared their views on a number of issues:

  • How has the market situation changed in each of the areas of activity? What difficulties do marketers face in the current situation?
  • What is the most important thing in marketing and where does Digital fit into it?
  • Can marketers significantly influence the preservation of market positions of their brands, or does nothing depend on brands?
  • Are the marketing tools that were effective last year still working? What are life hacks?
  • What should you focus on in the next 3 months?
  • What role does creativity play in the effectiveness of communication during a crisis?

For those who want to listen to the speakers Video Ads Conference 2022 The entry is available via the link.

The conference partner is the creative agency Salmon Graphics and the production company Forest Rock.

Pro business acted as an information partner of the conference.

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